Inspired by Nature, Made with Love

Originally from Westmeath, Dublin based ceramic artist Adelle Cully has continually developed her style since leaving the corporate world to pursue her passion for ceramics.  Her enthusiasm for clay began as a child while happily playing on her parents farm and discovering the many layers of different coloured clay in a freshly dug field. The intrigue began.

This love of nature is evident in her work, which has been described as being both earthly and celestial in nature. Now working from her studio in the coastal village of Donabate, the sea is also evidently an important source of inspiration.

Adelle’s individual interpretation of the designs and patterns found in nature, along with her detailed and skilled work, draws the eye in ever closer.

Adelle has displayed her work in various galleries and exhibits nationwide. Every piece is an original creation with individual commissions available upon request. Stoneware and Porcelain clay are the main mediums used.